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At C-ton you can expect top quality electrical components and wiring accessories to satisfy your various requirements. Whether you are an OEM, new developer or repairing an electrical system, you can count on the top quality components that C-ton provides to work for you! Our competitive pricing and friendly service adds a personal touch to making sure all your orders are filled efficiently.


Solderless Crimp Terminals

These are an important electrical appliance that can help in getting the best quality electric supply. When you get an end-to-end supply of the best product, you can definitely get the best quality deals in the area. We can guarantee you the quality of product available at our online store.


C-ton has plastic fasteners to satisfy your every need. From circuit board hardware, hole plugs and clamps to custom molded solutions. They are molded in Type 6/6 Nylon for the most part, but are also available in other materials. Let C-ton find the perfect solution for you!

Metal Stampings

If you are planning to set up a metal stamping machine at your factory and looking for an authentic source to buy it, you can completely rely on us.


There are several types of required tools at a factory and we can guarantee to offer you the tools at a competitive rate. Contact us and buy tools online.

Terminal Blocks

C-ton carries a complete selection of high quality terminal blocks and strips, including North American and European style.

Power Distribution Blocks

C-ton carries a wide range of the Bussmann series power distribution blocks. These include fuse blocks, splicer blocks and stud blocks. They are all UL listed and recognized.


There are various small automotive parts that are required to fix an engine. We have it all. Order online and get doorstep delivery.


C-ton carries a wide range of aluminum electrical lugs as well as heavy duty copper electrical lugs.


The cable ties at C-ton are manufactured with top quality materials ensuring superiority in strength. They meet the UL Type 21S, CSA Type 21S and Military standard AS33671. While maintaining superior quality, the manufacturing is done with cost effective state-of-the-art equipment, which, in turn, gets passed on to the customer.

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